PaRC - Customized Drug & Alcohol Treatment

Customized Drug & Alcohol Treatment

PaRC offers a customized drug rehab program. Our substance use disorder treatment is individualized to meet the needs of our clients. Personalized drug and alcohol addiction treatment services include medical detoxresidentialpartial day treatment and outpatient levels of care. Additionally, PaRC offers an extremely far reaching aftercare program and alumni network.

To ensure that the highest outcomes are met, PaRC offers several specialty programs to address the needs of individuals seeking treatment for drug or alcohol addiction. These programs include the Adult ProgramYoung Adult ProgramTeen Program, as well as the Pain Recovery Program and the Professionals and Executives program.

PaRC takes pride in ensuring that each individual patient receives the customized drug rehab treatment they require to provide optimal outcomes for each patient. In order to ensure the highest levels of individualized treatment, PaRC offers extended lengths of stay continuing beyond 30 days.

The length of stay during treatment is determined by the patient’s progress and willingness to engage while in treatment. PaRC’s multidisciplinary approach ensures that a patient’s recovery needs are met and that each patient is provided a strong foundation for sobriety.

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30-Day Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Houston

Our 30-day rehab program gives our clients a better chance at long-term sobriety. PaRC’s residential program at our main campus in Houston provides a safe and welcoming environment where patients will feel comfortable. During your alcohol and drug rehab at PaRC, patients will experience a welcoming atmosphere with our caring staff who understand that this can be a stressful time for our clients and their families.

30-Day Rehab in a Beautiful Campus Setting:

  • Relaxing Atmosphere
  • Advanced security system
  • Round-the-clock security
  • Housekeeping
  • Fitness center
  • Recreation room
  • Internet room
  • Serenity Gardens
  • Spiritual chapels
  • Bookstore & Gift shop

“I was so impressed with the professional staff, the quality of care and the facility itself. I was relieved to see that the other patients at PaRC were just like me. I felt at home from the start.” – Deborah V., PaRC Alumnus

30+ Day Rehab

Longer-term drug rehab is available at PaRC. As Houston’s leading drug rehab center for adults and teens, we offer a longer inpatient drug rehab program. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), the more treatment a person receives for their substance use disorder, the better their success. PaRC’s drug rehab program is catered to accommodate clients for longer than 30 days.

Why Choose PaRC?

PaRC addresses mind, body and spirit

Bedrooms: Modern Comfort
Each individual is provided a full sized bed with comfortable memory foam to ensure the best rest possible while staying at PaRC. Our housekeeping services are available to make sure that your stay is comfortable and that your room and bathroom are kept neat and clean.

Meals: Delicious Nutrition for Healing
Proper nutrition aids all aspects of one’s emotional and physical healing. PaRC’s dietary team provides three balanced meals a day. Snacks are available day and night. Nutrition classes will help you learn how to fuel your body effectively.

Support for Your Family
Successful treatment addresses healing for yourself and your family. We provide a Family Program which helps your family understand substance use disorder, recovery, and setting up a sober living environment for when you return home. This includes education and counseling for the family as well as a one-year Family Aftercare Program. Visitation is open to family and friends.

Recovery & Recreation
Engaging in a solid recovery plan includes learning how to relax and have fun while in treatment as well as when you return home. During your free time at PaRC, you may utilize our outdoor recreation activities (basketball court, serenity garden, and therapeutic green house) or you may enjoy some quiet time indoors (chapels, tv/relaxation room, fitness gym, playing a game of pool, or visit our giftshop/bookstore).

Levels of care are determined upon assessment. Not all levels of care are available for direct admit.

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