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Rehab Discharge Planning

Planning for your discharge from PaRC actually begins on the day you enter our program. We want to assure you that even after you leave PaRC, you will continue to be supported by our team and network of people, programs and services while you are living at home. You will meet in a drug and alcohol rehab discharge planning group weekly.

To make the transition back home as smooth as possible, you will take part in PaRC’s year-long aftercare and family support programs. PaRC staff members will help you with your transition and be available if you have problems, challenges or concerns.

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Planning Group Topics

In rehab discharge planning, you will cover topics related to your life after you leave the PaRC facility, including PaRC’s support network, your personal recovery goals and the steps you plan to take once you leave to make your transition successful. Your discharge plan will support your recovery and help you establish a new, healthy routine.

Rehab Discharge Planning Checklist:

  • Your recovery readiness
  • Skills and behaviors that will contribute to your successful recovery
  • Aftercare and healthcare programs after discharge
  • Setting your aims and goals in recovery
  • Developing your sober contacts list
  • Creating a recovery network
  • Writing a personal plan that incorporates the elements that will contribute to your successful recovery

Enhancing Your Physical Health

To support and maintain a peak level of health to support your recovery, your physician and other specialists will join your network. Your physician will help manage any medications that you may continue taking after your stay at PaRC. Additional medical support is available if you are transitioning to a drug maintenance program.


To maintain and enhance your physical health after you leave the PaRC facility, your discharge plan will include referrals to professionals affiliated with PaRC or other authorized providers.

Bridging the Gap

We want to assure that you will make a healthy transition from PaRC to the community. PaRC’s Temporary Contact Program helps you make that transition.

The Temporary Contact Program is designed help introduce you to a local, convenient Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) group where you may attend regular meetings. AA suggests that attending regular meetings is critical to your recovery success.

Your Temporary Contact is a volunteer who will take you to AA meetings and introduce you to AA members, make sure that you have several members’ contact information and show you how sponsorship works.

Resources to Support You

To help you get back into your activities and move toward your life goals, PaRC encourages you to take advantage of offerings that will help foster the behaviors, skills and healthy lifestyle you started at ParC. As part of discharge planning, you will receive information on who to contact to take advantage of helpful services to assist you in advancing your education, career and overall health.

Taking the Next Steps

Upon leaving PaRC, you will take with you a complete plan of your next three months and your individual plan for completing a 12-step program with the help of your sponsor. PaRC team members will contact you at the end of months 1, 3 and 12 to check in with you and assess how your recovery is progressing as well as provide any guidance you need. We are here to support you.

Discharge planning is an essential part of your treatment that will assist you as you continue to progress, and find success, in your recovery.

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