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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Programs

Your health and recovery are our primary concerns. PaRC has many years of experience in treating addiction. We offer residential programs tailored for teens, young adults, adults 25+ and professionals/executives. You will receive individual attention and intensive support to make changes that enhance your health, growth and healing. Our drug and alcohol rehab programs are nationally recognized and highly respected in the community. All of our residential programs are held on our beautiful, landscaped campus in suburban Houston.

At PaRC, each patient receives an individualized treatment plan that focuses on fostering emotional, mental and physical health and learning ways to support a sober lifestyle. We offer detox and short-term as well as long-term residential treatment. The typical length of stay is 30 to 90 days but varies depending on each person’s goals and treatment progress. Our rehab programs also include an Aftercare program to provide continuing support and contact after a patient leaves the facility.

To find out more about our rehab programs, you are welcome to visit our campus and get all the information you need to make an informed decision. You can also learn more about how to pay for drug rehab at PaRC by speaking with our business office.

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Teen Drug Rehab

Our Teen Drug Rehab Center offers an intensive program tailored specifically for teens. PaRC’s expertise includes teen drug rehab and alcohol treatment. At PaRC, your child will receive the individual attention he or she needs to recover. We can accommodate all of your teen’s needs at one convenient location. You and your family will receive support, education, treatment and guidance.

PaRC’s teen rehab program is intensive, structured and well rounded. Therapists and counselors trained to work with teens lead specialized groups. There is time for work, play, exercise and rest in the teen program. You will be part of the program both during and after your teen’s treatment.

Young Adult Drug Rehab

Young adults (18-24) receive special attention at PaRC. Our Young Adult Rehab Program helps young adults from all over the country quit drugs and alcohol and get sober. We have particular expertise in providing drug treatment.

Our young adults program is structured and intensive. Groups in this program focus on learning life skills, handling relationships, managing grief, getting involved in community service and health and nutrition. Every day, the program includes time to relax, exercise and enjoy activities. PaRC’s Young Adult Rehab Program also includes family counseling and education.

Adult Drug Rehab

PaRC’s treatment experts know that addiction affects every part of your life. That’s why our Adult Drug Rehab Center has programs that treat addiction from all angles. We also treat adults for alcohol problems.

Many people suffer from more than just addiction. PaRC also offers support for a secondary mood disorder or other mental health issue.

Our Adult Rehab Program offers a structured, intensive approach that includes education that teaches you about addiction and recovery including relapse prevention, programs that focus on your core issues and ongoing support to help keep your new sobriety strong.

Professionals & Executives Program

PaRC offers drug rehab and alcohol treatment services designed specifically to meet the needs of licensed professionals and individuals in high-profile positions. Our Professionals & Executives Program serves professionals including nurses, doctors, dentists, attorneys, pilots and executives referred by Employee Assistance programs.

This specialized program is comprised of many groups and classes especially tailored for you. The clinical team works diligently to ensure that your professional credentials remain intact. Our treatment team includes board-certified professionals, physicians, psychiatrists and licensed counselors and therapists. Career coaching and family counseling are included as part of your treatment.

Pain Recovery Program

PaRC offers a Pain Recovery Program for chronic pain patients who are physically dependent on pain medication. Using a holistic and multidimensional approach, PaRC helps patients achieve pain relief and long-term pain management without reliance on addictive medications. PaRC further addresses secondary issues such as depression, anger, insomnia, anxiety, fatigue and cognitive problems that often accompany chronic pain.

Levels of care are determined upon assessment. Not all levels of care are available for direct admit.

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