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Professionals and Executives Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Sometimes it’s a matter of finding the right support and tools to help you lead the life you want. The Professionals and Executives Rehab Treatment Program at Prevention and Recovery Center (PaRC) in Houston offers nationally acclaimed drug and alcohol treatment services specifically focused on meeting the needs of working professionals and individuals in executive positions.

Nurses, doctors, dentists, corporate executives and attorneys are some of the many thousands of professionals referred by employee assistance programs that PaRC has helped to successfully return to their careers and to rediscover a stable, satisfying home life.

The Professionals and Executives Rehab Treatment Program is designed with the whole person in mind. It is administered by a highly qualified and committed team of expert affiliated physicians, certified counselors and therapists.

Unique to PaRC’s executive rehab program, patients work with the same licensed counselor throughout all levels of care. Additionally, strong emphasis is placed on interactive therapy, and comprehensive patient and family support is provided through specialized meetings. Also, PaRC’s services for drug and alcohol rehab for professionals continue for one full year after discharge.

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Assisting Professionals in Need

Do you represent an Employee Assistance Program or Monitoring Board seeking the best solution for a valued professional who may be struggling with substance abuse/addiction? PaRC will work with you to ensure a seamless admission to the executive rehab program, and a rehabilitation process that’s timely, discreet, and will provide the appropriate steps to help that professional return to the workplace a stronger, healthier individual.

“I have a life today that has dimension, and I get to be active in all kinds of ways that I wasn’t before. Not only am I more productive at work, I am more productive in my profession because I participate in that profession. I’m more productive in my community because I participate in my community. I am more productive in my family because I participate in my family.” – Valerie, PaRC Alumnus

How Do You Know If Treatment Is Needed?

There are times when an individual is unaware or even reluctant to believe drug or alcohol dependency is a problem. PaRC offers a comprehensive three-and-a-half-day evaluation to ascertain whether he or she may be a candidate for executive rehab treatment. (In many cases, the professional is referred by an Employee Assistance Program, Monitoring or Licensing Board.) Once admitted, he or she will stay in a psychologically safe setting while an assessment that encompasses a team approach in all areas: medical, psychological and emotional, is conducted to determine whether treatment is needed. At the conclusion of the evaluation, the results are shared with the professional and the referring party, and a licensed professional works with that person to determine the appropriate next steps.

How Is the Program Structured?

This specialized program is blended into PaRC’s adult treatment program but is comprised of many specialty groups and classes designed just for drug and alcohol rehab for professionals. The clinical team works closely with licensing bodies and associations to ensure that your professional credentials are not compromised. The program’s treatment team includes board-certified addiction specialists, physicians, licensed marriage and family therapists, PhD-level therapists, psychiatrists, social workers, nurses and licensed chemical dependency counselors. The length of stay for the specialized Professionals and Executives Rehab Program is on average 30 days but everyone’s situation is different based on diagnosis, treatment plan and benefits/payment structure.

Levels of care are determined upon assessment. Not all levels of care are available for direct admit.

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