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What to Expect in Adult Treatment at PaRC

You likely have questions about what it will be like to start treatment at PaRC. We know that stepping away from day-to-day life for your healing might feel overwhelming at first. At PaRC’s adult rehab program and young adult drug and alcohol treatment, we want to make sure that you are as comfortable as possible as you start recovery.

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How should I prepare before going to adult treatment at PaRC?

  1. Review “What to Bring to Treatment” below, including cash, credit card or debit card information.
  2. Make a list of emergency/family phone numbers to bring with you to our facility.
  3. Make any necessary phone calls prior to admitting.
  4. If you will need to have a “Presence in Treatment” letter sent to anyone, (probation officer, judge, lawyer, employer, EAP, therapist, doctor, etc.), please bring their name and contact info with you.
  5. We do not transport patients off-campus for any personal shopping, haircuts, money grams, etc.

How should I prepare before going to adult treatment at PaRC?

When you arrive at PaRC, we will welcome you and answer any questions you or your family may have. Upon meeting with us, we will finish up any administrative work left in your admissions process, such as collecting payment, and making a copy of your ID and insurance card. We will also complete your intake and admission interview. After that, we will do a check of the items that you have brought to our facility.

Will I be able to contact my family?

Upon arrival, there is a seven-day period in which you are not allowed to make phone calls or use the computer lab. Your family can call and leave a message for you, but during this initial time in your recovery, we encourage you to be fully present in your recovery program.

Following the seven-day period, patients can make phone calls and communicate with family.

PaRC’s family programming information will be sent to your loved ones via email by the family counseling team after you admit to treatment. We encourage family and significant others to attend these events.

Our programming for families includes:

• Family orientation
• Family education
• Process groups
• The family two-day program

Who will oversee my care at PaRC?

You will be assigned a primary counselor upon admission. Your counselor will be the primary contact for family and other loved ones regarding your treatment, concerns and questions. If you are in medical detox or residential treatment, our medical and nursing staff are available 24/7.

If you have any questions about the admissions process, contact us today..
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What to Bring to Adult Treatment at PaRC

The list of items below has your privacy, safety and well-being in mind.

If you need more items during your stay with us, your loved ones may bring them to you at any time. During your admissions process, you will create a private access code. They will need to use that code when they bring items.

PaRC’s on-site recovery bookstore, Carry the Message Books and Gifts, carries personal care and laundry items. You can also find books, study supplies, long-distance calling cards, snacks and sodas in the bookstore.

Dress Code – Patients will be issued scrubs upon their admission to the PaRC. Clothing and other items are returned on Day 3

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Items You May Bring to Substance Use Treatment

▪ Casual conservative clothing for 10-14 days (NO HATS OR HOODIES)
▪ Cash of no more than $100, credit cards and/or debit cards
▪ All prescription medications for the entire stay in their original containers (samples are prohibited; place all medication in one bag. Note that the following is not allowed: narcotics, amphetamines, controlled substances, sleep aids, etc. or they will be destroyed)
▪ ID or driver’s license (needed to fill any medications)
▪ Insurance/prescription/pharmacy card and dental insurance (or payment method for prescriptions)
▪ Toiletries – MUST BE NEW and UNUSED (cannot contain alcohol in first three ingredients; cannot bring Q-Tips or cotton balls)
▪ Casual conservative clothing for 10-14 days (NO HATS OR HOODIES)
▪ Light jacket or sweatshirt (it can be cool in the building and at night outside)
▪ Laundry detergent (no PODS)

Items You May Not Bring to Substance Use Treatment

▪ Drugs and alcohol (Patients are not allowed to purchase, possess or use legal or illegal mind/mood-altering substances, including over-the-counter cough and sleep aids. No drug paraphernalia is allowed. If you have legal or illegal mind-altering substances in your possession at the time you are admitted, you will be asked to give these to the nurse on duty. Illegal substances will be destroyed.)
▪ Vapes and e-cigarettes (cigarettes and smokeless tobacco (dip Porches only) are permitted)
▪ Electronic devices including laptops, tablets, CD players, video games (including consoles), videos, DVDs, cameras, TVs, e-readers, smartwatches, iPads, iPods, MP3 players or Fitbit-types of devices
▪ Cell phones
▪ Expensive jewelry
▪ Mouthwash containing alcohol
▪ Straight or bladed razors of any kind (only electric razors are allowed)
▪ Aerosols (including shaving cream)
▪ Over-the-counter medications
▪ Torch lighters
▪ Weapons and/or anything deemed as such by staff
▪ Paints, paint thinner/remover, turpentine, denatured alcohol, rubbing alcohol, kerosene, gasoline or freon, fireworks, candles, incense, airplane cement, glue or adhesives
▪ Hair dyes or hair coloring products, fingernail polish and polish remover
▪ Sports equipment (weights, fishing poles, baseball bats, etc.)
▪ Pornography
▪ Clothing or hats with inappropriate messages or symbols which have sexual, gambling, racial, alcohol or drug references; low-cut shirts, crocheted, knitted, or see-through shirts; shorts higher than 4 inches above the knee. No flip-flops or slides are allowed.
▪ Outside food/drinks
▪ Coolers, coffee pots, cooking devices, stuffed animals, electric blankets and heating pads
▪ Pillows, blankets, towels or other linens of any kind
▪ Other items deemed inappropriate for treatment

Not sure if an item is OK to bring to treatment at PaRC? Call PaRC for information.

Please note: This list can change at any time and may not be the most recent version. Please ask the admission coordinator you are speaking with prior to admission about the most up-to-date packing list.

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