PaRC - Teen Drug & Alcohol Rehab (13-17)

Teen Drug & Alcohol Rehab (13-17)

What’s the right solution for your teen’s addiction treatment? You have been on an emotional rollercoaster because of their drug or alcohol use. You might be confused about whether your child is an “addict” or not. You may wonder whether your child needs a teen drug rehab or some other type of care. You are concerned about and tired of the lying and secrecy. Your child’s acting-out is stressful. You are seeing poor school performance. These behaviors have affected your whole family, and you are looking into teen rehab programs.

Teens (13-17) use drugs and alcohol to feel good or to feel better. They use them for fun or just to escape. Sometimes they use just because their peers are doing it. Drug and alcohol abuse can lead to full-blown addiction. Drug addiction and alcoholism get worse without treatment. They don’t get better by changing schools, changing friends or changing towns. Fortunately, substance abuse and addiction are treatable and teen drug rehab works. Your teen can recover from this.

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Teen Drug Rehab at PaRC Can Help Your Family

An effective teen drug rehab center will offer an intensive program tailored specifically for teens. PaRC’s expertise includes teen drug rehab and alcohol treatment in Houston. Our 12-step-based program for teens is nationally recognized and highly respected in the community.

We go even further than just treating your child; we treat your family as well. Your teen receives individual attention. During your teen addiction treatment, you and your family receive the education, treatment and guidance you need. We will help you remain healthy and focused while dealing with your teen’s drug and alcohol rehab. Learn more about our approach to helping teens overcome drugs and alcohol.

Levels of Care Available in Our Teen Rehab

 “We attended every meeting the PaRC had to offer. It only took a few visits to begin feeling lucky…lucky that our son was in a safe place, lucky that he was willing to see us, lucky that he wasn’t running away and lucky that he was alive.” – Veronica M., Parent

Your Teen's First Step to Recovery

The first step for admission into the adolescent program is a thorough assessment with our experienced admissions team. The assessment is necessary for ensuring your child is admitted to the most effective teen rehab program (detox, residential or teen outpatient). Since we offer several levels of care, we can accommodate all of your teen’s addiction treatment needs at one convenient location.

Once your teen is admitted, an individualized treatment plan is designed. Length of stay is typically 30 to 45 days, but the length may vary depending on his or her individualized goals and treatment progress.

Don’t let your child’s drug or alcohol addiction progress any further. We urge you to take action now and get help for your teen and your family. We welcome you to come by our campus, take a tour and get all the information you need to make an informed decision. Or call to speak with a knowledgeable PaRC representative over the phone and find out how we help teens and their families each and every day.

Archway Academy at PaRC

Archway Academy operates the academic program within the PaRC for residential, PHP, IOP and SOP clients. Beginning the journey of recovery and entering a residential treatment center can be scary and overwhelming for teens and their families. Archway, in collaboration with the PaRC and Southwest Schools, works closely with students to create educational goals, provide academic support and incorporate the principals of recovery into the school setting.

Founded in 2003 by a group of concerned parents and adolescent recovery experts, Archway Academy also operates an accredited recovery high school near PaRC for students post treatment. Archway is passionate about providing a supportive educational environment that meets the individual needs of teens, while also focusing on the long-term academic success of students.

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