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Counseling Internships

Counseling Practicum

Prevention and Recovery Center (PaRC) offers a place for current students enrolled at affiliated educational institutions in practicum or internship as part of their undergraduate or graduate degree plan to complete the supervised practical experience requirement of their practicum in counseling. The Counseling Practicum goals are to allow students to volunteer in an addiction counseling environment for 300 to 600 hours without pay to learn the skills needed to become an addiction counselor. Practicum hours are during normal business days from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Paid Counseling Internships

Once licensed by the State of Texas as a Counselor Intern (LCDC, LPC, or LMFT), a counselor may begin a supervised work experience internship at the PaRC through the Cameron Foundation Counselor Intern Fellowship Program.

During this paid counseling internship, the Chemical Dependency Fellowship will provide counselors an opportunity to gain knowledge and experience in the best practices in treating addictive disorders and diseases and provides a modest stipend paid to the counselor upon completion of each 250 hours of supervised work experience. The duration of the Addiction Counselor Fellowship Program is 12 to 24 months, based on experience and qualifications. The counseling internship opportunities include supervision from a PaRC staff clinical supervisor credentialed to provide supervision to LCDC, LPC, and LMFT counselor interns. Supervision will be provided in accordance with the applicable Texas Department of State Health Services licensing board requirements.

Sponsored by the Cameron Foundation and supported by the Prevention and Recovery Center, this Fellowship Program offers healthcare professionals an opportunity to learn about chemical dependency and gain experience in the assessment and management of patients with problems resulting from patterns of abuse, dependence, and all aspects of addictions.

Application Process for Counselor Interns

The application process is managed through the PaRC Careers website. Applications will only be evaluated by the PaRC Human Resources Division when there is a current job opening for “Counselor Intern.” Interested applicants are advised to visit the PaRC Careers website and search for an opening for Counselor Intern at the Prevention and Recovery Center campus in Houston. If an opening exists, then applications will be received through the online application process. If there are no openings for Counselor Intern, then please do not send a resume or application documents because the documents will not be reviewed.

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