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Teens Drug & Alcohol Outpatient Drug Rehab

Teen outpatient drug rehab offers lots of support. It also provides counseling and education. Outpatient rehab usually lasts about 30 days. Program hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 – 4:00pm. PaRC also has an on-site high school to keep your teen’s schooling on track while in rehab.

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Teen Outpatient Drug Rehab Includes:

  • Individual Counseling. Licensed counselors treat your teen’s unique needs. Your teen can express feelings in a safe environment.
  • Family Counseling. Addiction damages the entire family. Your family gets education and counseling.
  • Group Counseling. Group counseling helps build trust and compassion. It also provides a safe place for teens to “talk it out”.
  • Drug Education. Addiction affects the body and brain. It also affects behavior and emotions. These groups address all parts of addiction.
  • 12-Step Concepts. Your teen learns how to use the 12-Steps. You learn how to use the 12-Steps for your own recovery.
  • Community Resource Awareness. These workshops connect you with local resources.
  • Comprehensive Discharge Planning. Your child needs a clear plan for staying sober after rehab. A custom discharge plan guides them during this time.
  • Relapse Prevention. These groups help people see relapse signs and symptoms. They also teach life coping skills.
  • One-Year Aftercare Program. Aftercare is a big part of recovery. Your teen has an Aftercare Program. You and your family have your own Aftercare Program.

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