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Talking to Someone You Love About Addiction

Updated on 1/31/2023 This blog provides tips for anyone with loved ones struggling with addiction and provides insights on how to...

PaRC - Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain

Content updated on 03/29/24 Don’t Let Chronic Pain Limit Your Life Do you suffer with chronic pain from an underlying medical...

PaRC - Pain Killers are People Killers

Painkillers Are People Killers: Opioids

Updated on 09/18/23 Americans are in the middle of an unprecedented opioid painkiller crisis. For the first time, we are faced...

PaRC - Marijuana Addiction

Marijuana and Addiction

Updated on 01/17/23 By Stacie R. Allphin MS, LCDC Marijuana contains THC, which is responsible for the “high” feeling, and in...

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