When you or a loved one are seeking help for a substance use disorder and are considering the various types of treatment programs, you may find several options. It is important to fully understand all of your choices and choose the program that will work best with your individual needs and recovery goals.

At PaRC (Prevention and Recovery Center), we offer a variety of treatments for clients who are suffering from alcohol and drug addictions. Among the treatments we offer, two programs allow you to live at home while still receiving treatment. These are our partially hospitalized programs (PHP) and our intensive outpatient rehab (IOP) programs offered in our Houston, Texas, facility.

What is a Partially Hospitalized Program (PHP)?

PHPs are intense programs that provide clients with structured treatments during the day, allowing them to return to their home environment at night. These programs can be viewed as a midway point between treatment options, resting in the middle of a residential treatment program (short or long-term) and the outpatient program.

For those who have attended a residential program as part of their recovery treatment, PHPs may be a good option to help them slowly transition back into their normal lives.

At PaRC, our PHP clients are offered most of the same services as our residential clients. These services are centered around four main components:

#1. Counseling: Helps clients identify and heal the root issues of the substance abuse disorder. Our counseling sessions are key in this program as they help you release the shame, sadness or guilt you may be experiencing while battling your addiction.

#2. Education: Teaches important life skills and coping mechanisms to help you manage your sobriety.

#3. Family Program: This program addresses the needs of your loved ones and helps them learn how to support you during your recovery.

#4. Aftercare: Upon completion of PHP treatments, PaRC offers a one-year aftercare program geared towards providing long-term support to you and your family to aid you in your recovery success.

In addition to these services, our PHP programs allow you to have access to club amenities that will help decrease your stress, depression and anxiety levels during treatment. These amenities include our serenity gardens, fitness center, spiritual chapels and more.

Research shows that benefits of PHP programs include:

  • A cost-effective option for clients who need hands-on, inpatient treatment
  • Excellent recovery-oriented care options for patients without long hospitalization stays
  • Find out more information here regarding our on-site services.

What Is an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)?

IOPs are flexible drug and alcohol rehab programs that are most effective after a client has completed detoxification and has finished an inpatient drug treatment program. The main goals of the IOP programs are to help provide clients with the support they need for long-term sobriety and to help them develop healthier coping skills.

At PaRC, our classes are held three hours a day, four days a week, and our IOP groups last four to six weeks. This program is opened to adults, young adults and teens.

Similar to our PHP programs, our IOP treatments not only address the clients and their needs but also the needs of their families. We know that a strong support network is essential to long-term sobriety success and we want to ensure that we provide ongoing support for our clients and their families to help them recover and heal.

In addition to the family program offered, our IOP rehab treatments also include:

  • Individual and group counseling
  • Drug addiction education
  • 12-step integration
  • Relapse prevention

Benefits of the IOP program include:

  • Flexible scheduling
  • Lower costs compared to PHP
  • Ability to maintain your work or school schedule during the day

Learn more about our IOP rehab program here.

How to Choose Which Program Is Right for You?

Research has shown that PHPs and IOPs are equally effective. When deciding which program works best for your needs, you should consider working with a medical professional or counselor to determine the level of care you may need.

PHPs are better suited for those who need intensive care during their recovery, while IOP programs are better suited for clients with less severe addictions.

Program costs and time commitments may also influence which treatment program is right for you. PHPs will require a commitment to be on-site at a facility for most of your day, allowing you the flexibility to return home at night. IOP clients can have more flexibility on time frames for treatments throughout the week.

At PaRC, we can help you assess which treatment program (PHP or IOP) will work best for your needs. It is important to note that although the outpatient programs provide you with the most flexibility, you want to choose the program that will be the most effective in helping you achieve and maintain your long-term sobriety.

At PaRC, we offer a variety of programs to help treat your drug and alcohol substance use disorders. If you would like more information about our treatment options or locations, or if you’re ready to get started, please call us today at (713) 939-7272.