A vision board is a collage of words and images that represent what an individual is hoping to achieve out of the year ahead. It is placed somewhere where they will see it every day, such as on a desk or by a bathroom mirror.

The main idea behind a vision board is that seeing is believing. By visualizing our goals for the life we want for ourselves this year, we come one step closer to achieving them. A vision board serves as inspiration and helps motivate us to achieve our goals or maintain a tone for the year (such as radiating positivity, strength or love).

How can a vision board aid in your addiction recovery?

Goals are essential in addiction recovery, but those goals need to be specific and achievable. Do you want to rebuild certain relationships in your life or improve your mental or physical wellness? Set up a schedule to do so with reasonable expectations of others and yourself. Setting goals with unreasonable timelines will leave you disappointed and more likely to give up.

On a vision board, goals are represented in an artistic image (though you do not need artistic skills to create one) and placed somewhere where you are reminded of these goals and visions for your life daily. By being aware of your visions for the year and seeing them again each day, you are more likely to stay connected to them, work towards them and even manifest what you hoped for.

What are the components of a vision board?

A vision board is going to look different for every person. To get started, collect any magazines, newspapers or photos around your home. Then cut out what you think should go on your board. Some examples that you can put on your board include:

1. Family or friends

Are there certain relationships you want to strengthen this year? Are there specific people who support your recovery journey? Photos of these people can keep you inspired and bring a positive boost to your day.

2. Locations you’d like to visit

Do you like traveling and want to visit any new places this year? Seeing photos of these locations will help inspire you each day to work towards those travel goals or to set dates for the trip and make it happen.

3. Inspirational quotes

Life can be challenging, and some days are harder than others. Having quotes that motivate you to sustain your sobriety on your vision board make wisdom or positivity accessible on the hard days. You can also select a mantra for the year and have that be on your board, too.

4. Hobbies or activities

Is there anything new that you’d like to try this year? Maybe you want to take up painting, skiing, horseback riding, hiking or surfing. Put photos of those activities or the supplies they require on your board to remind yourself to go out and try it.

Prevention and Recovery Center (PaRC) understands the value vision boards can bring as we ring in the New Year. We also know that this season can be an especially challenging time for those struggling with addiction. We offer evidence-based treatment options alongside holistic healing methods to support recovery from substance use disorder (SUD). To learn more, call (281) 941-5106.